2020 ITS Conetessa and ITS Amadeus

ITS Contessa and ITS Amadeus made this stunning big fille. She has a silverdapple gene PLUS a creme gene ! She is a half sister of our breedingstallion ITS Boubalou.

Geboren: 22-4-2020

Geslacht: Merrie

Status: Verkocht

Vader: ITS Amadeus

Moeder: ITS Contessa (RobRoy x A Darcy)

Kleur: Silverdapple + Cream !!

Born: 22-4-2020

Sex: Fillie

Status: Sold

Father: ITS Amadeus

Mother: ITS Contessa (RobRoy x A Darcy)

Color: Silverdapple + Cream !!


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